Apple removes MT5 from App Store

On the 24th of September 2022, Apple removed the MT5 trading application from the AppStore. Metaquotes is engaging with Apple to clarify reasons and also attempt to resolve the situation.

Traders who have the MT5 application already installed on their mobiles remain unaffected and can continue to use the application. 

Traders who do not have the MT5 app installed on their mobiles prior to the removal of the application from the AppStore will not be able to install the MT5 trading application on their iPhone or iPad, however, the OS terminal for Mac is still available and the WebTrader terminal can be used on mobile devices for uninterrupted trading.

In the case that you urgently need to execute a trade or close a position and do not have access to your trading terminal, you may contact our Trading Desk to assist you.

Android smartphone users remain unaffected.

We will continue to keep our traders updated as and when more clarity is obtained from Apple and Metquotes.

Continue trading with your account using:

✅ WebTrader terminal

OS terminal for Mac