When registering a new trading account with GT247, by default, your account is set to a ZAR FREE account which allows you to trade all available Forex, Commodity, Indice and Crypto instruments. 

The ZAR FREE account does not allow for JSE Equity CFD trading and this would need to be activated on your account by our support team upon request.

Adding JSE Equity CFDs to your trading account will carry a monthly Live Price viewing fee which is charged by the JSE and deducted from your available cash. For a non-professional trader, this would be approximately R84 per month ex VAT. A full list of costs can be viewed here.

I want to activate JSE Equity CFD Trading on my account:

You can submit your request for activation of Equities through our Ticketing system here.

A support agent will activate your JSE Equity CFDs and these will become accessible to trade on your MT5 platform under CFDs/Local Markets/Equities within your Market Watch window.

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for the Equity CFDs to be activated.
  • Activating will incur a monthly JSE Live Price viewing fee of R82pm VAT incl.
  • JSE Equity CFDs are not tradeable on USD account types.

How to de-activate JSE Equity CFD Trading on my account:

You may reach a point where you are not actively trading JSE Equities and wish to no longer incur the live price viewing fee. In this case, you can easily de-activate these:

You can de-activate JSE Equity CFDs on your account at any time by following the same process except choosing "Deactivate JSE Equity CFD Trading".