Withdrawing from your ZAR GT247.com trading account is easy, however, if you are having difficulty, you can self-solve the issues by reading the below: 

Funds are not withdrawn from the MT5 Platform itself but rather from your GT247 online wallet which is accessed by logging into your account from a web browser and using your account number and password. -> Login Now to make a withdrawal.

Having issues with your withdrawal?

If you are experiencing an issue with the withdrawal process, please make sure that you have completed the below two steps:

1. Make sure your South African bank account details have been completed in your profile, you can check the status here -> Complete Banking Information (If already complete proceed to step 2)

2. Make sure that you have verified your bank account details by sending either a letter of proof of account from your bank or a bank statement that matches the details you inserted in step 1. These documents must be attached to an email and sent to newaccounts@gt247.com in order for us to verify the details match. Please use your account number as the subject heading in the mail. 

Both steps are once off meaning that once you have completed these, withdrawing is quick and as simple as navigating to the withdrawal page, confirming the amount you wish to withdraw and clicking the "withdraw button".


  • You cannot withdraw funds that are currently required in an active trade or margin. Make sure your to close your trades to be able to withdraw "available funds".
  • Withdrawals batches are run daily at 14h00. If you submit your withdrawal instruction after 14h00, it will only happen in the batch of the following day.
  • Should you issue the withdrawal instruction after 14h00 on a Friday afternoon, the payment will only be made to you on 14h00 on the following Monday.
  • You can only withdraw funds 14 days after those funds were paid, transferred or deposited per clause 14.3 of the GT247.com Terms and Conditions.