gives clients access to 3 different accounts on our MT5 platform as follows:

1. Demo Account

2. ZAR Account

3. USD Account

Should your register initially for a demo account and wish to activate a live ZAR or USD account, OR have one of the live accounts and want to register for the other, you can do so by:

1. Accessing the Activated Accounts page directly from thisĀ LINK, or

2. By selecting the 'Accounts' option under the red Profile Menu in the top right of the screen - see image below

Once you arrive on the 'Activated Accounts' page, you can activate a desired account by:

1. Clicking on the 'Activate Account' button to the right of the specific account you want activated - as shown by arrows in the image below

2. Once you click on the desired account, the screen will expand just below the account you are trying to activate - see image below. You will need to:

a. Make a choice as to any choices presented to you, as between JSE Equity CFDs and ALSI futures below

b. Enter a password and password confirmation for that account. You can create the same password as the one you may have made for the account already created.