The reference you should use on EFT transfers is the full character account number for your Trading account.

The number looks like this (FT12345-12345) and is made up of the following elements:

  • The letters FT or EQ
  • The clients 5/6 digit account number - which tells us which client has made the deposit
  • A hyphen
  • The clients 5/6 digit trust account number - which is the part that tells us which account to put the client funds into


If wanting to transfer funds to your Trading account, you would use the number **FT78600-79328 as the reference on your transfer


  • It is extremely important you use the correct account number as reference to ensure the funds are allocated to the correct account
  • We have just developed an automatic allocation tool that will operate at night and over weekends and provided that your reference is correct, funds can be allocated to your account at those times
  • IF however the deposit reference is incorrect, this will almost without fail cause unnecessary and potentially frustrating delays to the allocation of funds which may mean you miss out on an important trade

**Please DO NOT USE the account numbers in the images above. They are only used as an example and your account will contain different numbers.